Book of Remembrance

On display in the columbarium, our four volumes cover two six month periods, with each page dedicated to a single day. The skill of the calligraphers make this an attractive and lasting memorial.

The names of those cremated at Woodside Crematorium may be recorded in the Book of Remembrance, whether the ashes rest at Woodside or are removed elsewhere.

A page is set apart for each day of the year. The Book will be laid open daily for inspection at the page devoted to that particular date under the glass canopy designed to receive it.

Relatives and friends may have the names of those cremated entered. A single entry consists of two lines – one for the name and the day on which death occurred. Entries other than this should be confined to quotations from Holy Writ or of a classical nature. A double entry consisting of five lines may be made. Information regarding special entries, which may include an emblazoned heraldic device or a regimental crest or badge, may be obtained on application.

A floral tribute of freshly-cut flowers may be placed in the vases provided in the Room of Remembrance. The staff will remove the flowers once they have died. Please do not place any other items in the room.

The Book of Remembrance and the Tree of Life can be visited at all times the crematorium is open. We are also open of the following Sundays between 12-3pm: Mothering Sunday, Easter Sunday, Fathers day and Remembrance Sunday.

If you wish to visit either the Book of Remembrance or the Tree of Life outwith these times this can be done by prior appointment.

Cloister Plaque

Measuring 10” X 4” these wall plaques are on display in our New Garden of Remembrance overlooking rose beds and lawns.

You also have the option to add a photograph to the cloister plaque.

No items may be placed on the cloister plaques. If desired, a floral tribute of fresh-cut flowers may be placed in the vases provided in the garden. The staff will remove flowers once they have died.  Please do not place any other items in the Garden.

Due to spacing limitations all plaques over 40 years will be removed. If you would like to renew your lease, please contact the office before 1 January 2020.

Rose Bush Memorial

Woodside Crematorium take great pride in ensuring the cemetery, remembrance gardens and crematorium are a pleasant, tranquil and attractive place to visit.

Throughout the grounds several areas have been created which allow for established rose bush memorials to be planted. Each memorial has a five-year lease which includes all maintenance and a bespoke plaque located next to your memorial. After five years the lease can be renewed or your plaque can be returned to you.

The memorials can be provided throughout Woodside with the most popular locations being in our three remembrance gardens.



Hill-Top Memorial

The Hill-Top Memorial is in The Old Garden next to Woodside Chapel and provides stunning views over Paisley.

The Old Garden contains the open-air flower court where floral tributes are placed after each service. The memorial has several flower beds nearby which attract different types of wildlife including birds, butterflies and squirrels.

A bench allows time for quiet reflection and to observe the diverse wildlife making the Old Garden a fitting place for the memorial.

Memorial plaques surround the structure and can accommodate up to five lines of text with vases incorporated into the base allowing flowers to be left.