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Below are forms and documents for download which can be used to apply for memorials, cremations and other services. You can click here to download the Woodside Information Guide which provides information on services available, service times and prices.
Each document is a PDF file and will open in a new tab on your system. If you would prefer you can ‘right-click’ the link and save a copy of the document to your local system instead.

General Forms:

Document Description:Link:
Arranging a funeral in Scotland advice from the Scottish GovernmentArranging a Funeral In Scotland
Memorial Safety Inspections InformationMemorial Safety Inspections
Book of Remembrance Application FormBook of Remembrance Form
Cloister Plaque Application FormCloister Plaque Form
 Memorials Booking Form Memorials Booking Form

The Scottish Government has introduced new cremation application forms. This means all cremation application forms have been replaced as of 4th April 2019.
These new forms can be downloaded for completion electronically or you can print them and complete them by hand.

Completed forms should be submitted to Woodside Crematorium by at least 10am, two working days prior to the date of the cremation together with the relevant paperwork required for the type of cremation you are applying for.

Forms for Cremation:

Form A1Application for cremation of an adult or a childForm A1
Help A1Guidance notes for completing Form A1Help A1
Form A2Application for cremation of a Stillborn BabyForm A2
Help A2Guidance notes for completing Form A2Help A2
Form A3Pregnancy loss on or before 24 weeks gestationForm A3
Help A3Guidance notes for completing Form A3Help A3
Form A4Application for cremation of pregnancy loss by a health authority or body – shared or individual cremationPlease contact crematorium office for further information
Form A5Not in use at Woodside  
Form A6Application for cremation of body parts following hospital arranged post mortem examination or whole body/body parts donated for anatomical examinationPlease contact crematorium office for further information
Form A7Application for cremation of body parts donated in Scotland for anatomical examination or teaching before the commencement of the Anatomy Act 1984 (as amended by the Human Tissue (Scotland) act 2006 (14 February 1988)Please contact crematorium office for further information
Additional InformationRequired form if completing form A1, A2 or A3Service Booking Form

Please use the relevant guidance notes to assist you in completing the appropriate form.

If you complete form A1, A2 or A3 we also require an additional information form to be completed. This provides us with all the additional information we need to meet your individual requirements.

Form can be returned by hand/post to:
Woodside Crematorium
46 Broomlands Street

or by email to [email protected]

Should you require any information or assistance please contact the administration office on
0141 889 2260

If you would like to download a map of Woodside, please click here.