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Memorials at Woodside:

Woodside offers the facility to commemorate your loved one by the provision of various memorials.

Below are listed the services we currently offer.
 Book Of Rememberance 
Book Of remeberence On display in the columbarium, our four volumes cover two six month periods, with each page dedicated to a single day. The skill of the calligraphers make this an attractive and lasting memorial.

The names of those cremated at Woodside Crematorium may be recorded in the Book of Remembrance, whether the ashes rest at Woodside or are removed elsewhere.

A page is set apart for each day of the year. The Book will be laid open daily for inspection at the page devoted to that particular date under the glass canopy designed to receive it.

Relatives and friends may have the names of those cremated entered. A single entry consists of two lines - one for the name and the day on which death occurred. Entries other than this should be confined to quotations from Holy Writ or of a classical nature. A double entry consisting of five lines may be made. Information regarding special entries, which may include an emblazoned heraldic device or a regimental crest or badge, may be obtained on application.

Click the following link to see the online version of the Book Of Remembrance.

 Cloister Plaque 
Measuring 10" X 4" these wall plaques are on display in our garden of rememberance overlooking rose beds and lawns.
Cloister Plaque

 Engraved Stone Tablet 
Engraved Stone Tablet This Room is situated to the left of the Chapel, and commemorative stone tableture with traditional gilded lettering is available for a ten year period.

The tablets measure 10 x 2 (single) and 10 x 4.5 (double). A single tablet will accommodate three lines of engraved text with each line having a capacity of approximately 24 letters. A double tablet will accommodate six lines of engraved text with each line having a capacity of approximately 24 letters. The double tablet can be used for those who would like to express their feelings with either a longer memorial, or to reserve space on the tablet for future use.

The cost of the lettering (up to 60 letters on a small tablet and 96 letters on a large tablet) is included in the price. Should you wish to exceed this number of letters there is an extra charge for each additional letter (up to a maximum of 72 letters on a small tablet and 144 letters on a large tablet)

After the ten year period has expired it is possible to retain the tablet for a further five years if required. The cost of retaining the tablet will be at the prevailing charges at the time.

 Oak Panel 
The Oak Panel Memorials are on permanent display in the remembrance room at the crematorium for an initial period of five years, with an option to endow for a further period.

The panel frames are constructed in oak, and each frame is headed by a blue roundel depicting a rose design in gold leaf. The individual panels are hand-made, size 10" x 2", using fine quality blue leather, with the inscription lettered in gold to your own requirements.
Oak Panel
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